Tuesday, December 30, 2008

10 Most Creative and Unusual USB Flash Drives

USB drives are the new age of data storage devices also known as Flash Drives. USB drives have substituted ancient floppy disks and CD’s because of its micro mini size and ability to take it any where; you can take this highly storage size device in your pocket.

Today, I am sharing with you some of the most unusual and creative USB flash drive designs which you would really wish you could have.

You can even gift one to your geek girl-friend or boy-friend on Christmas

1. Jewelry Style USB

This bracelet looks alike USB drive is two in one you can use it as bracelet and also as storage device, obviously.

2. Thumb Drive

This is the real thumb drive which looks pretty much natural and this thumb is made of plastic.

3. Football USB

For all the football lovers this is the best suited USB drive design for you which shows your passion.

4. Lego Flash Drive

This is a typical geek style USB drive design which looks similarly like a lego brick

5. iPod Style USB

If you love iPods or own it that this is a must have for you. This cool looking iPod style USB is really too cute.

6. Mini Cooper USB

This USB is even much smaller than the original Mini Copper car but have the same design.

7. Wooden Clamp USB

This is one of the another creative design having a similar look as Wooden Clamp for clothes.

8. Sawed-Off USB Cable

This unusual and creative USB drive design is best one to disguise your USB from others, when it is plug-in it looks like a sawed-off USB cable. So, no one will now dare to touch it.

9. Teddy Bear Drive

This teddy bear style USB disk is very cutie as looks wise and can also be used as key chain.

10. Wooden USB Drives

The last one in this list is that wooden made USB Flash drive which looks almost same as a branch of tree.

So, now it’s your choice which one you like to own?


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